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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  September 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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jennifer mclogan reports from babylon on the fake car inspections. >> i hear about the fake sticker but mine is real. >> genevieve calls it sticker shock. code enforcement officers uncovered what may be a operation. sophisticated sticker imitations with bar coding, serial numbers, coloring and printing that simulate the real thing. a letting mate sticker goes for -- >> $37. >> what do you think these phony stickers are going for. >> people said they paid over $200. >> reporter: a fake sticker could help a car owner avoid costly repairs, brakes, mufflers, tires but could be endangering lives of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers if wheels fly and brakes fail. >> can be dangerous. you could can be driving in a car that is hazardous. >> more than 100 phony stickers were spotted on cars many in the babylon l.i.r.r.
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lot, one of the busiest on the south shore drawing commuters from other locales. the sergeant says some of the imitations are blurry and the color fades or bleeds. suffolk police are investigating after reports of the fraud in babylon spread to islip and brookhaven. consequences for those caught are dire. >> can be charged with a class d felony which is criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second- degree. >> if it can be proven you knowingly possessed, produced or sold phony tickets, you could get 7 1/2 years in prison. >> the felony charge also means loss of your vehicle. initial fines are $250. there is a commuter alert. delays and perhaps into the morning because of this freight train derailment on the l.i.r.r. tracks. letter cbs 2's carolyn gusoff is live in new castle with more tonight. kara lynn, it has been all day? >> reporter: it has and it
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doesn't look like this will be a quick fix at all. the derailment happened about 1:10 this afternoon. now hours later you can see work is still underway. and the work to up right the cars could take all night. officials tell us that the two last cars of a 16-car freight train hauling construction debris left the tracks at 1:10 west of the hicksville station. the cause is undetermined. thankfully no injuries but it did shut down service on the long island railroad main line, that is the ronkonkoma branch for about 40 minutes this afternoon and now even though passenger trains are getting by on a second track, there are systemwide delays and cancellations. for folks here in new castle, it was a frightening screech followed by a big cloud of dust. >> i just couldn't believe it, the fact that a train could turn over on the rail. >> it was feeling like it was an earthquake.
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i was downstairs and the next thing you know, i was like is this an earthquake. letter the train tracks -- >> reporter: now, work is underway to hoist the cars up by a crane. they have to repair hundreds of feet of damaged rail. they are hoping the long island railroad officials for a normal morning commute but right now we are seeing about 40 minute system delays and about 1 third of the trains canceled for the evening. in new castle, long isla carolyn gusoff. a joint letter was sent to president obama. cbs 2's dick brennan joins us live from outside governor cuomo's office on the east side. dick? >> reporter: dana, the governors are saying let's make a deal. they say new york, new jersey and the port authority will pay half of the new hudson river tunnel.
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the question is, does this offer seal a deal. tunnel. the question for years has been how do you pay for the tunnel. >> governor cuomo and governor christie say they have the answer. split the $20 billion cost of a new hudson river down the middle with the federal government. >> reporter: we will be responsible for paying half of the costs. >> the 106-year-old tunnel is in dial need of replacement. commuters of nj transit and amtrak faced unending delays and it could only get worse. >> right now we are down to two tubes. one is almost certainly going to have to come off line within no later than the next 20 years. that would mean catastrophe. only a quarter of the trains could get through. >> reporter: talks to end the financial log jam have gone nowhere. i asked the governor if it will make a difference. >> coming halfway, do you think that's enough. >> i started by saying the
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federal government should pay the lion's share. this is primarily an amtrak tunnel. without this tunnel, amtrak can't serve the northeast united states. >> reporter: cuomo said if they made a deal now it would be years of planning and environmental study then years more of construction. with this offer, the dealing should be done. >> is this a starting point of negotiations, 50-50. >> this is the end point. >> reporter: now, the u.s. transportation commissioner says in his words he is glad that the governors stepped up to the table. in the meantime, it's not clear how new york, new jersey and port authority would divvy up who pays what for a new tunnel. live on the east side, dick brennan. >> thank you, dick. dozens of fraternity members at baruch college face criminal charges in connection with the brutal hazing that lead to the death of one of their brothers. five members of pi delta psi, including the former national
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president face third degree murder charges in the death of chun michael deng. investigators say he suffered severe head trauma during the incident at this home in pennsylvania's pocono mountains in december of 2013. police say florida opportunity members waited an hour to -- fraternity members waited an hour to take deng to a hospital. >> he was singled out and he was treated harsher than the other pledges. >> deng's family is suing the fraternity hoping to uncover all that happened to their son. a new jersey woman spent eight years pushing to pass a bill to protect pets in her state. today that bill was signed into law. cbs 2's christine sloan has the story all pet owners should see. >> holding a picture of her be loved dog betsy, madeline walks in. her rottweiler died at a vet office where she stayed overnight after routine eye surgery.
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>> unbreakable color was left on her and she hanged herself. >> the vet never told her no one would be at her office. betsy, 16 months old, would be unsupervised all night. >> he told me she needed overnight supervision so she didn't paw at the sutures. being that he is a doctor, i figured he knew what he was talking about. >> she says after betsy's death in 2007, she researched finding 90% of vet offices and animal hospitals in new jersey don't have 24-hour care. a new law signed by new jersey's lieutenant governor is important. it requires vets and animal hospitals to clearly post signs saying they don't have overnight supervision. the law only applies to for profit vet offices and hospitals, not shelters like this. >> some vets say the law protects not only pets but their practices. >> i will have people sign to the effect that there is no one
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that would be watching their pet. my facility doesn't have 24- hour care. >> a bittersweet day for kaiser. but a good day for new jersey pet owners. christine sloan, cbs 2 news. >> betsy's law goes into effect immediately. we reached out to the attorney representing the veterinarian's office where betsy died. he did not call us back. >> just ahead here at 6:00, the new taxi proposal that could mean less money in your pocket if you take a cab to the airport. plus this-- >> you weren't scheduled to go to work that day. >> many questions for the bus driver accused of stealing an
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mta bus and driving drunk.
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in a few minutes, holiday shopping has already begun. there is a smart way to save. we will show you how to secure popular gifts on a budget. first, new information tonight. attorneys for the mta bus driver accused of taking a bus on his day off and driving it while under the influence of alcohol say a medical issue may have played a role in the incident. alexander copeland was pulled over near exit 32 on the northern state parkway after police received several calls of a bus driving erratically. investigators say the 52-year- old had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit. his attorney says copeland suffers from a long-term medical condition but would not elaborate today. >> let's just say there may be some issue with memory. i am not going further than that.
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>> copeland was suspended without pay. he is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and dwi. a push is underway to freeze fares on taxi rides between manhattan and j.f.k. tlc wants to add a surcharge ton relationships to j.f.k. between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. the global gateway alliance is urging them to hold the plat rate at $52 around the clock. the tlc argues it is needed in part because trips to and from j.f.k. are getting longer in time. an inspiring way to kick off the football season. a massachusetts pop warner football team held a 6-year-old in a wheelchair achieve his dream of scoring a touchdown. matt happily rode the ball into the big game. he thought he would be sidelined because of his spinal muscular atrophy. his big brother's coach put
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together a special play that let him finally get in the game. >> very excited. again, so excited to be participating in something with his brother that we never thought would happen. >> you did good. >> of course i did. >> he had so much fun he wants to keep on playing. didn't you like that, lonnie. beautiful day in massachusetts and here too. he said of course i did. >> the older brother said you did a good job. >> up lifting like the weather. >> no complaints weather-wise. just beautiful. it will keep going that way. the picture behind me shows you what i'm talking about. lovely shot. temperature comes in at a nice 81 degrees. sunshine overhead. nice dray air mass. that will be the case as well throughout the workweek. 84 was the high temp. 76 should be the normal. eight degrees above the average.
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taking a peak at the headlines, warmer tomorrow than today. the humidity nice and low will stay low. you could find a 90-degree reading for some folks on thursday, especially inland new jersey. a possibility. here is the temperature trend. sunday 80. monday you bottom out at 77. today 84. wednesday 86. thursday 88. that's the day some of you could find 90 degrees. i don't know if it will be new york city and east but inland that's the possibility. a cool night ahead again tonight. not as cool as when you woke up this morning. i think lower to mid-60s in new york city and instead of the upper 40s north and west you find the lower 50s. strong sunshine. heat peaks thursday. it doesn't drop off the face of the planet. it goes to 85 well above average. vortex satellite and radar shows us not finding rain. we need rain. we have a deficit of a half a foot since the beginning of the year. a deficit of over two inches from june 1st.
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we had the big rains last week but didn't make enough of an impact. we need more. it won't happen, not this week. nice and clear. high pressure in control continuously pumping in the southwest wind nice and mild. yesterday the high pressure was off to the west. this is not going to go backwards. it will push to the east. the rain out west, it gives us a chance for wet weather, by the end of the weekend. that chance is going down with more and more the information i get in the weather office. not a big situation for us. so, for tomorrow, 86 degrees. another warm day. a nice one. then as you go from wednesday into thursday. thursday makes out at 88. about 85 friday. we aren't discussing sky conditions. it will remain constant. a pretty either partly or mostly sunny sky throughout. saturday 81. sunday, here we go. a few more clouds come to town.
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77 degrees. yesterday i was talking about a significant rain chance. today all the information says this is a slight chance for a little bit of rain on sunday at 77. some of that cloud cover for monday of next week as well. >> temperatures make you think of snow and the holiday season. >> not really. >> yes, it does. >> to avoid the stress of the holiday shopping season, how about doing it now? that's what some retail experts are saying and there is a trick to make sure that you are able to buy the most popular gifts before they are gone. emily smith explains. >> reporter: while some are taking in the last warm raze of summer -- rays of summer-- >> i started yesterday. i got good deals i couldn't pass. >> reporter: one in seven have begun buying for the holiday season and even more startling, 4.6 million people have finished. that is about 2% of american shoppers.
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so, what is everyone asking for. >> a helicopter. >> paint. >> reporter: the toy industry association says it's about star wars this season. >> the movie is coming out in december and the toys are already going crazy. >> reporter: another big item, play all day elmo. a higher tech version that has 150 responses and eight games. another it toy, remote control cars. the remote is your cell phone or parents cell phone. >> to pay for the presents, something that has been around since the 1800s is making a big come back. the layaway plan. >> all the big box stores, k mart, walmart, best buy, they all use layaway plans now. >> a smart way to shop. not just to avoid interest rates but it can help make sure you get the it toys that often disappear closer to the holidays. >> now you can use layaway online. you are securing a gift months in advance and locking in the price. >> not us.
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>> you are still in summer mode. >> definitelily. don't want to think about the cold yet. >> you don't have to if you are not ready since you still have 82 days until hanukkah and 100 until christmas. emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> reminiscing, the layaway fee is 5 to $10. interest rates can be $200 up on average. otis livingston joining us now talking baseball. >> the beat goes on for the mets while the yankees get a boost of excitement from down on the farm. we are getting answers from the breakdown in big d that cost them a road victory. we hear from the man who was
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here is otis livingston. more troubling news. >> exactly. add a missing tip of his thumb to jason pierre paul's right index finger. he plays -- thinks he will play and soon and some in the front office aren't sure.
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he will check back in five weeks to see if it's healed up enough to play. we are trying to clear up the mess that was the sunday night debacle in dallas. eli manning fessed up to telling rashad jenning not to score on first or second down instead let more time run off the clock. a 10 point lead with a minute and a half of defense is good enough for me. here is jennings talking about the team's pillar of strength eli manning. >> always has been. seen it from a distance when i was on other teams and now here face to face. that's all he is is a leader. first and last out. always will be. he is a guy that we can count on. to baseball, the division has wrapped up. if they lost a game here or there it wouldn't be the end of the world. don't tell that to the mets. they don't want to lose a game. last night they made it eight in a row.
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they were down 3-1 to the marlins. a game-tying two-run homer. david right brings in the go ahead. the lead in the division up to 9 1/2. >> good to be home. the way this team has been playing, we know we will get a good starting pitching effort. we can pick them up when they have a hiccup. >> the yankee hero, slade heath cot. he sounds like a secret agent. his weapon of choice, the home run. a three-run shot in the ninth key to the yankee victory for the man that battled alcohol and injuries, a great night. he described the last at bat like this after getting a head's up from teammate jon ryan murphy. >> murphy had a fastball and bugs bunny change up. trying to stay calm in the box and got a good pitch to hit. i am trying to contribute and help the team win. >> bugs bunny change up is moving around. >> finally tonight, when going
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for a foul ball almost gets ugly. go back to the dodger game in los angeles. foul ball. adrian gonzalez reaches in in time for a tug-of-war until the fan realizes who he is tugging against. it's all yours. notice the logo on his cap. he is a red sox fan 3,000 miles from his home. he got tossed. when told about it, he said get rid of him. now it makes sense. red sox fan. johnny baseball a yankee at heart. >> i wonder what he was doing there. >> checking out baseball. >> right. right, right. jason pierre paul situation -- >> gets worse and worse. i was hoping that he would be able to play this season but it's up and down. he wants to play. he things he will be held up in time. who knows. >> five weeks we wait to see after five more weeks. >> they will reevaluate. >> we got to go.
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has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . imagine watching as strongers make themselves at home inside your apartment while you are away. it happened to an upper east side man.
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police tell us these two guys are still out there. also tonight, if you are sick and tired of endless meetings in the office conference room, it turns out more and more companies are taking the office outside. we will explain what this new age networking is all about on cbs 2 news at 11:00. >> finally here at 6:00 an unusual prowler inside a pizza shop. take a look at this bear cub apparently hunting for a slice in colorado springs. look at this little bear. he ran through an open door yesterday and then got stuck. but, you know, he is smarter than the average bear. didn't seem to mind being tucked away with the pizza boxes until the guys with the badges came along and they removed the animal. not before he had pizza with honey in it,ing honey. up next on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, raging floodwaters turning deadly in utah. a live report from the flood zone. thank you for joining us at 6:00.


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